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2022 Nikon Dive Shot of the Year


OZTek | OZDive Show and Nikon have teamed up once again to introduce an exciting new Nikon specific category in the OZTek Underwater Photographic Competition.

Nikon Dive Shot of the Year is a single brilliant shot which embodies the following criteria:

  • Innovation and creativity
  • Dramatic affect and sensory impact
  • Uniqueness
  • Composition of the photo

Nikon Dive Shot of the Year (NDSOTY) is considered a separate category. It has a separate entry process with a few additional rules.

For Full Nikon Dive Shot of the Year Terms & Conditions click here

In Summary:

  1. The Nikon Dive Shot of the Year is for ages 15 and over.
  2. Entrants have to be Australian or New Zealand citizens &/or residents
  3. Entrants can submit three (3) images to be considered.
  4. Images provided need to represent the five (5) existing OZTek Underwater Photographic Competition categories (wreck, cave, macro, marine life with diver, marine life).
  5. NEW: The same image CANNOT be entered in more than one (1) category of the OZDive Show Photographic Competition, including the Nikon Dive Shot of the Year i.e. if you have entered an image in Macro, the exact image cannot be entered in to the Nikon Dive Shot of the Year. Choose your 3 best images and keep them separate for NDSOTY

All images are subject to the overall competition terms & conditions as well as the specific Nikon Dive Shot of the Year Terms & Conditions.

The categories which need to be represented are:

  1. Cave Diving
  2. Wreck Diving
  3. Marine Life - wide angle without diver
  4. Marine life with Diver
  5. Macro or Super Macro marine life


* All images are subject to specified competition terms & conditions -  OZTek | OZDive Show Competition Terms & Conditions.
Click here to learn more

Nikon Dive SHOT of the Year prize:

  • The winning photographer will receive a Z 5 + NIKKOR Z 24-50MM F/4-6.3 valued at $2,549.00
  • Second prize: Nikon Dry Bag and other accessories
  • Third prize: OZTek | OZDive Show T-shirt

Competition registration will open June 30, 2022 and close on July 31, 2022

View Nikon Dive Portfolio of the Year prize


2019 Winners were:

2022 Winning images will be displayed at the OZDive Show 2022 on 1-2 October at the MCEC, Melbourne.

2019 Photography Competition Winners & Entries: